Being Realistic Is Why Your Business Might Not Be Attracting Investors

Elon Musk at his SpaceX company

Elon Musk, the current world richest man has proven that as a business your long term goals doesn’t always have to be realistic.  When automobile industries were talking about less fuel consumption, aesthetics and the likes, Tesla was thinking rechargeable cars — something entirely unrealistic back then.

As businesses we are always striving hard to write down what is practical, real and executable in our business plans. According to Tim Johnson, realisim is; “nothing more than a socially accepted pessimism. The people with most track records of success don’t think of what is, but what could be”.

Back to Elon Musk. Musk didn’t have a plan of investing in a job but rather to make an impact, which paid off for him. At Solar City, Tesla and SpaceX he talks about the business ahead of the present. He says in 10 years they at SpaceX want to colonize Mars. He is also working on cloning and building a driverless car. Look this guy’s business plans are absolutely unrealistic but it gave him the spotlight.

Elon Musk

Even all employees at Musk’s companies share the same ideologies as well. None of them speak of what they are doing now, they all speak about the future. You see Naveen Jain once said “when you do something audacious it becomes easier becaue you get the right people to join you. The problem you are solving is worth solving.

You see investors are not only interested in the job but also want to be part of that impact you make. Brands want to associate with the future. SpaceX is one of 20 other vertical trucking companies which moves materials from earth to space stations but Musk envisioned  his not as that “vertical trucking” company but an impact drive motivated one.

In Elon Musk’s words; “we are at a 1 out of 30,000  risk of being completely wiped out by an asteroid hence SpaceX is creating a ‘back up’ for the human race in space, in case we get hit by that asteroid”.  As silly as it may seem, this is how investors became interested in his unrealistic vision because they want to be part of the vision of backing up the human race in the future.

Accordng to Naveen Jain, a man who also buit his company on absolute “unrealistic” ideas ( i.e making moon travel a reality), when you begin to dream big, your problems become small. That is to say as a business you need bold missions because that gives you more advantages.

Bold missons give you bigger goals which are not harder to achieve but easier to hit.

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