The City Beneath Earth: Agartha/Agarthi, How Hitler and The Nazis Built UFO’s In The Hollow Earth.

Agartha is an ancient mythological city which is said to be located in the earth’s core. This city is also known by different names i.e. Agartta, Agharti, Agarta or Agarttha. It is related to the Hollow Earth theory and is a popular subject in Esotericism. Shamballa or Shambalah or Shangri-La is sometimes said to be its capital city.

The mythical paradise of Shamballa is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land, the Land of Whitewater, the Land of Radiant Spirits, the Land of Living Fire, the Land of Living Gods and the Land of Wonders.

Central Asian Buddhist spoke but in muted tones about the kingdom of Agartha. Stories of civilization that live in the hollow earth were passed from family to family for one generation to another before writing instruments facilitated memory. Agartha was known as a heaven for the population vanished continents. It was considered as a centre of intellectual progress and enlightenment.

Agartha is frequently associated or confused with Shamballa, which sometimes known as its capital city, and sometimes figures prominently in Vajrayana Buddhist and Tibetan Kalachakra.

There are myths and legends from all around the world that has seemed to indicate the existence of a world inside the earth. Some of them are as follows:

According to the legends Indigenous people who live in the Amazon  are the descendants of the sons children the creator of fire and disease and the protectors of the Inner Earth. Their oral legends speak of an entrance into earth. They would enter some sort of cavern and travel from 13 to 15 days until they reach the interior a whole separate world where Giants live. According to them this place is full of jewells and advanced technology.

The children of Woolpit is in ancient accounts recorded by two 12th century chroniclers which tell of two children that appeared on the edge of a field in the village of Woolpit in England. The two children a young girl and a young boy had greenish skin, their clothes were made from unfamiliar materials and they spoke in unknown language.

The children would not eat any food presented to them but appeared starving. Eventually the villagers brought recently harvested beans which the children devoured. They survived only on beans for many months until they acquired a taste for bread.

Later the children became sick and the boy died but the girl recovered and over the years came to learn English and eventually her greenish skin colour faded away. She relays the story of their origins saying they came from a place known as st. Martin’s land which had no sun but existed in an atmosphere of permanent Twilight and where the people lived underground and were graying like them.

She said her and her brother were looking after her father’s flog when they came upon a cave, they entered the cave and wandered through the darkness for a long time until they came out the other side entering into bright sunlight which they’d never seen before.

It was then that they were found by the villagers while some view the story as nothing more than a folk tale that describes an imaginary encounter with inhabitants of another world beneath our feet were even aliens others accepted as a real but somewhat altered accounts of a historical event.

Hitler’s Nazis were convinced that they were destined to rule the world, and they came to this warped conclusion through the acceptance of many occult beliefs and practices, including astrology, the prophecies of Nostradamus, and the hollow/inverted Earth theory…Hohlweltlehre.

Because they suspected that our surface is on the interior of a concave Earth, Hitler sent an expedition, including Dr. Heinz Fischer and powerful telescopic cameras, to the Baltic island of Rugen to spy on the British fleet. Fischer did so not by aiming his cameras across the waters, but by pointing them up to peer across the atmosphere to the Atlantic Ocean. The expedition was a failure, of course.

Hitlers map to locate Agartha and Antarctica.

Fischer’s cameras saw nothing but sky, and the British fleet remained safe. Then there’s the legend… that Hitler and many of his Nazi minions escaped Germany in the closing days of World War II and fled to Antarctica where at the South Pole they had discovered an entrance to the Earth’s interior.

According to the Hollow Earth Research Society in Ontario, Canada, they are still there. After the war, the Allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy had vanished, along with almost a million people, to the land beyond the South Pole. This story gets more complicated with Nazi-designed UFOs, Nazi collaboration with the people who live in the center of the Earth, and the explanation for “Aryan-looking” UFO pilots.

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